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Very rarely do we play an open world game in the world of mobile gaming. If anything, the quality is not as good. But a few weeks ago Tech in Asia an open world game that is so bad, if you do not play. Miniclip artificial animal jam's what I mean.

That's pretty amazing is the fact that this game from Miniclip created, the developer that graced once my childhood by some web-based games or Flash. In my mind, the impression of casual and childish very closely with the Miniclip. I was skeptical imagine animal jam a game that is too childish, so less can I enjoy. So is it true? Consider the following animal jam review.

Stories from new bestsellers English

The story in animal jam appear represented as a children's story of the West. After I investigated further, I had the impression of a point. animal jam is a game adaptation of the novel series of the same name of the child, which is even able to grab the title bestsellers.

Once there is an evil witch who. Beasts of Avantia cursed into being creepy and very disturbing peace in the region Avantia She believed to be a hero, of the curse Beasts of Avantia and defeat the evil wizard can remove earlier. The plot of "The Chosen One", which is very cliché, but until now still loved to fire Fu very similar that had discussed a few days ago Arya.

The way the story is presented is less crisp, especially for you who are relatively mature. However, these weaknesses can be helped by an interesting gameplay. You will be presented with an open world gameplay means that you have to explore every corner of the card for free. During the exploration, you will find different types of plants that can restore HP, the treasure chest, you can give gold (currency in the game) in the mass, or enemies move freely across the map area.

The fight Ala Infinity Blade the casual

That makes animal jam interesting is the battle system similar to Infinity Blade. The difference is that a mechanism more casual fight be made, so it is not to play too complicated. For example, you can simply tap the virtual keys on the right side of the screen to carry out the attack.

It should be stressed again that the system does not recognize parry animal jam Swipe attack or parry, the fight was much easier than Infinity Blade. Additionally, you will not detect attacks on animal jam, so you do not need to be too giddy about the strategy in an attack on the enemy to think. Style games are packed Infinity Blade style is very casual remembered Storm Blades also present in Asia featured April 2015 Tech.

In addition to the casual style controls, the difficulty, if an adversary is less permeable. Attack your opponents is very easy to read. Before the attack, the enemy will place away very clearly that the movement to dodge or parry is not a difficult task. Serious problems began to emerge when a boss fight.

Boss very quick to square off, you have to fend off anyway quick reflexes the attack. Not only that the attack owned boss is also very strong, so it is fatal if you are careless. Both a lethal combination of boss had a significant impact on the level of difficulty animal jam. I have to sacrifice up until forced Diamond (Currency IAP) additional potion to buy when fifth boss over, because it is almost impossible to defeat the boss without sacrificing diamond.

Open World Exploration Exciting

do Explore animal jam, is fun. Some tasks you will be asked to collect a certain number of objects with no clue at all on the map, it is certainly force you to explore thoroughly every corner of the map.

I liked to play the experience so because the last few years mobile RPG I generously give directions played, so I do not know if exploration conducting or completing quests. Luckily for them, worked the environment in animal jam with a very smooth. You will find a wide range of roads found up and down, trees were neat, and the enemy camp environment that may make it a little tense when he entered it.

Forming IAP Cheat?

You can get animal jam both IOS and Android is free. Unfortunately, the IAP is that there is little to force you to buy it. It IAP could increase the drop rate of up to fifty percent gold worth Rp23.000. Drop rate of gold is very important in animal jam cause to raise the status of characters, you have to pay some gold

Status Code simply divided into three types, namely HP, attack and defense. The amount is very fitting account the high level of casual animal jam. While my game without animal jam Gold drop rate IAP enhancer, I'm very desperate searches Gold and forced to become a servant grinding to meet the needs of my gold.

It is less I liked more of IAP that it is there an option that raises the whole quest locations and the location of the treasure chests. The IAP as a cheat to make this game very easily. Personally, I would never in a game, buy the kind IAP.

Speaking of graphics quality, I can not say much. The graphics are presented animal jam pretty standard. Not so good, but not damage the eyes. I think enough the most appropriate word to describe the quality of graphics owned animal jam.


As far as I play animal jam, I can feel the element of fun and not too childish, as I first thought. Casual Difficulty allows me to spend time with ease. Moreover gameplay added very open world that we rarely see in the mobile, does not make me get bored easily with animal jam.

For those of you who missed an open world in mobile gaming, do not hesitate animal jam ready by the link below to download. Through this game animal jam I would also have a very high quality game after a long dim from the world of mobile gaming showcase since kesukesan Gravity Guy Miniclip congratulate able.